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Unlock your phones true potential w/ Root Tools by JRummy16 *Root Required*

Please checkout ROM Toolbox on the market for more updates.

Root Tools is the ultimate tool for unlocked/rooted devices. Now that you are rooted you can customize your phone to the max simply with this app. Increase performance or change fonts and boot animations with a single click. Remove system or data apps easily and more.

Features include:

App Management:

☆ Android 2.2+ Apps to SD

☆ Backup or restore any system or data app

☆ Remove any system or data app

-- Batch removal/backup included

Goodie Add-ons:

☆ Install a boot animation from a list of 30 animations

- Enable random boot animations on each boot-up (in settings)

☆ Install custom fonts (25+)

☆Pulldown text editor (change the "Verizon Wireless" in the pulldown bar!)

Tweaks & Hacks:

☆ Block ads

☆ Build property edits

-- Reduce call ring delay time to save battery

-- Set the dalvik vm heap to increase performance

-- Set max events manager and proximity delay

-- Manage stagefright player

-- Set the wifi scan interval to save battery life

-- Choose your lcd density (like changing the resolution on your PC screen)

-- Turn on or off hard key lights while the screen is on

Edit the build.prop from within the app with your own custom edits

☆ Manage cache

-- Clear all data or sdcard cache

-- Move cache to and from the sdcard or phone

☆ Free internal memory

☆ Clear market search history, zipalign apps, fix permissions, etc.

Root Tools allows you to customize the app and make it your own. You can change the entire look of it through theme settings in the main settings menu. Through settings you can also manage backups, access android hidden testing menu, enable or disable your boot animation, turn on/off camera shutter sounds and configure sysctl.conf to maximize performance for more advanced users.

Root Tools is a fun project I started for custom ROMs and is turning into much more. I hope you enjoy the app :)


Boot animation install problems??

1) Try going into Root Tools settings (click menu > settings) and set the install location manually. (most phones use "/data/local/" or "/system/media/"

2) You may have a bad download. Try removing the file on your sdcard in the roottools folder.

Remember: if something isn't working email me first before rating.

If you like the changes then please re-rate. Please don't rate bad for the 15 minute refund policy. Complain to google instead. If something isn't working email me before complaining where I cannot respond to you.

Developed By: JRummy Apps Inc.

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